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I am a telephone system repair technition servicing the Greater Los Angeles Metro Area .
I provide the same inside telephone wiring and jack activation service as AT&T and Verizon at half the cost.
I Service, Install, Relocate and Repair Business Telephone Systems, Including NEC, Nortel, Panasonic in the Los Angeles Area.
For Immedate Telephone Repair Assistance Please Call 213-992-4415 or you may fill out the request
For Emergency Telephone System Repair Service Please Call 213-992-4415

NEC eco

NEC has been environmentally conscious since the early 1970s when green was just a color.

A few facts about our initiative follow:

  • NEC has publicly committed itself to reducing its net-impact CO2 footprint to zero by 2010.
  • NEC has been developing bioplastics for years, replacing petrochemical plastics in product cases and internal parts.
    1. Plans call for bioplastic side panels (made from corn) to be introduced in the fall of 2008 as optional parts on new telephone terminals.
    2. By 2010, NEC plans to switch 10 percent of its petrochemical plastics to bioplastics.
  • NEC’s Eco Symbol label program, initiated in 1998, now appears on 5,273 NEC products in 55 product categories. In order for an NEC product to carry the Eco Symbol, it must meet all environmental soundness standards established by NEC Corporation.
  • NEC Unified Solutions’s new business communications products are in line with NEC’s stated goals of reducing the net-impact of its CO2 footprint to zero by 2010. Our Green Initiative is responsible for:
    1. Lowering the power consumption of these products
    2. Complying with RoHS manufacturing standards:
    • Eliminating chemicals that drive up CO2 emissions
    • Using chemicals that are environmentally safe
    • Eliminating lead and mercury from circuit boards
  • Since 2002, NEC has funded a tree-planting program on Kangaroo Island, Australia
    1. Since the program’s inception:
    2. NEC has planted 750 acres of forests each year. (Currently 5,250 acres).
    3. NEC will maintain the forests through 2020, reaching 1 million tons of CO2 absorbed with approximately 6,750 acres planted

For more information about NEC™s commitment to addressing climate change and preserving our environment, visit

NEC™s Environmental Campaign.

NEC was Green Long before It was Cool to be Green.

NEC has been environmentally conscious since the 1970s:

  • 1971 - NEC issues Environmental Management Guidelines, directing NEC managers to pursue green policies.
  • 1991 - NEC publishes an Environmental Charter, seven “action plans to be followed by every NEC employee. Just one of the seven: To produce energy- and resource-saving products, while giving careful thought to environmental safety issues in development and planning.
  • 1998 - NEC initiates an internal environmental labeling system to help promote the development of environmentally sound products. Only NEC products that meet or exceed NEC™s highest environmental soundness standards can display the NEC EcoSymbol. Currently, 5,273 products in 55 product categories carry it. The numbers are continually increasing.
  • 2002 - NEC launches its Forestation Program. It is committed to planting 6,750 acres of trees by 2010. NEC’s commitment to maintaining the forests runs through 2020 when the annual volume of CO2 absorbed by the trees could approach one million tons.
  • 2007 - NEC releases its Environmental Management Vision 2010 which publicly commits NEC to reducing its net CO2 footprint to zero by 2010. Over the last decade, the company has made great strides in reducing its CO2 emissions.
  • 2008 - NEC Unified Solutions introduces new products that are both power efficient and compliant with RoHS green manufacturing standards. NEC introduces optional side panels made of bioplastics on new terminals.

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