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I am a telephone system repair technition servicing the Greater Los Angeles Metro Area .
I provide the same inside telephone wiring and jack activation service as AT&T and Verizon at half the cost.
I Service, Install, Relocate and Repair Business Telephone Systems, Including NEC, Nortel, Panasonic in the Los Angeles Area.
For Immedate Telephone Repair Assistance Please Call 213-992-4415 or you may fill out the request
For Emergency Telephone System Repair Service Please Call 213-992-4415
NEC Phonoe System Programming Telephone System Repair Man

8 Lines 16 Extensions
NEC DSX80 Special !
4 22 Button Phones
8 Hour Intramail

The NEC DSX80 Special, A complete system that can handle an additional 12 phones without additional expansion cards. It comes with 4 phones, 16 port extension card, 1, 8 port line card, 1, Power Supply, CPU,1 NEC DSX 4 Port 8 Hour Intramail and 4 22 Button Phones.

For Local Los Angeles Telephone System Repair, Installation, Moves Call 213-992-4415
We install new telephone systems and relocate existing systems. We offer a flat rate for services that you know exactly what you' re getting into ahead of time.

IntraMail is a integrated Voice Mail with a feature rich Auto Attendant .4 Voice Mail ports, 8 hours message storage, and 160 mailboxes.The IntraMail answers incoming calls and routes them quickly and efficiently. Voice Mail features include Conversation Record, Answering Machine Emulation, and Caller ID with Return Call. Interactive, just to name a few.

The 22-Button Display Telephone offers a large display and a built-in speakerphone making this the most economical option without sacrificing convenience.The 22-Button Display Telephone features a large 3 line-by-24 character alphanumeric display with 4 Interactive Soft Keys for intuitive feature access. It also provides 10 Personal Speed Dial bin keys, 12 programmable Feature Keys and 12 fixed function keys for streamlined operation. Additionally, this telephone offers a headset jack and built-in speakerphone. Unique features include dual LEDs, a Ring/Message Lamp (to show ringing, Caller ID, and voice mail messages), built-in wall mounting, and an innovative two position angle adjustment.


$599.99 Includes the base system with 3 phones

The DSX40 offers you high performance, flexibility and the ability to custom design the system to your customer's specific requirements. Innovation starts with with 4 incoming lines, and 8 digital extensions. It Expands to 8 lines and 24 extensions. There are 2 built in analog ports for things like fax machines, door chimes, regular analog phones, answering machine or whatever analog device you have that needs plain old telephone service.

TELEPHONE_SYSTEM_RELOCATION Built in USB & Ethernet ports for
local and remote programming

Digital station ports
Digital or analog station ports

Analog ports
Door box ports
Line ports
RS232 Serial port
Music/messaage on hold
and extgernal page ports
.We Service Other Business Digital Phone Systems, Including, Nortel, Meridian, Panasonic and Lucent . Give us a call for a quote today at 213-992-4415 or you may fill out a quote request on Quote page.
Telephone System Repair Installation and Moving is provided in the Los Angeles County Area

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